OS-V: 0386 Vibrating Sphere

Test No. CA1Modal Frequency Response Analysis test.

Figure 1.

Benchmark Model

The model is a sphere with 1m Radius. The frequency spectrum of the sound pressure level is generated by the pulsating sphere at 15m from its center. The considered frequency range is from 4 to 500 Hz.

First order CQUAD4 elements are used for Sphere. Due to symmetry, only one-eighth of the sphere needs to be discretized by 48 elements. The Sphere is subjected to normal velocity of Vn = 0.1 m/s on all the surface in the radial direction. The surface of the Sphere is fixed.

The material properties are:
Density of fluid (air)
1.225 kg/m3
Speed of sound
340 m/s

Modal Frequency Analysis Results

Figure 2.

Model Files

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The model file used in this problem includes: