General Airbag Model Requirements

Airbag numerical models are created for the numerical simulation of crash events related to occupant safety problems. Airbag models may differ in the amount of detail and accuracy depending on their intended application.

The airbag model should possess all the typical features of airbag hardware: gas generator, housing, retainers, interchamber components, vent holes, coated fabric definition, fabric porosity for non-coated fabric, tethers, seams, etc.

The geometry, mass, inertia properties, and materials of the airbag model should correspond to hardware and CAD data.

The different airbag parts such as airbag components, external surfaces, internal surfaces, and vents, should be organized in assemblies /SUBSET.

Each airbag model should represent a model to be run independently and used in other component or full vehicle models as include files.

The airbag model shall be provided in the design position. The airbag positioning inside a component model or full car model should be performed using the /TRANSFORM cards.