Open a Remote Desktops in a New Window

Open a remote desktops in a new window and work on the interactive application.

You can also connect to a remote desktops from the Job Monitoring page or the Job Summary page. Refer to Connect to a Remote Desktops for more information.
  1. Click the Desktops tab located in the upper left-hand of the page.
    Remote Desktops list is displayed.

    Remote Desktops List
    Figure 1. Remote Desktops List
  2. Right click a remote desktops name and click Open Desktops in New Tab
    A remote desktops of the interactive application is opened in a new window.

    Opened Remote Desktops
    Figure 2. Opened Remote Desktops
    Note: By default, the timeout interval when a remote desktops is opened is set to unlimited. The default configured timeout value is set to 120 minutes (2 hours) for a remote desktops and it is displayed in the remote desktops tile. Time out will start when the remote desktops is closed, and the remaining time is displayed in the remote desktops tile.
  3. Click to view the remote desktops options.
    Note: The remote desktops control displayed is a floating panel which can be moved.

    Remote Desktops Control
    Figure 3. Remote Desktops Control
    The remote desktops control options are displayed.

    Remote Desktops Control Options
    Figure 4. Remote Desktops Control Options
    The following options are displayed:
    • - change the resolution
    • - copy text to clipboard modal
    • - expand the remote desktops in full screen
    • - collapse the remote desktops from full screen. This option is displayed only when the remote desktops is expanded in full screen.
    • - screen capture of the remote desktops
    • - share the remote desktops
    • - terminate the remote desktops
    • - view and switch to other active remote desktops
    • - change the desktops quality settings.
    • - download desktops performance statistics. This option is displayed when you enable statistics in the Preference panel.