Repeats execution of a block of code a specified number of times.


*beginrepeat2d (expression)


HyperMesh Card Previewer Command


Either a relational expression or an attribute.



The *beginrepeat2d() command must always occur with a *beginrepeat() /*endrepeat() block.

The *repeatwrap() command can be used to automatically begin new lines. If used, it must be the first command following the *beginrepeat2d(). If a *repeatwrap() command is specified following a *beginrepeat() command, that same value is used for the *beginrepeat2d() block.

The *repeatcounter() command can be used to store the current repeat value in a counter. If no *repeatcounter() command is specified, the repeat value is not stored in any counter.

All *menufield() commands that reference attributes can only reference the following types in a *beginrepeat2d() block: arrayofinteger2d or arrayofreal2d.

The *beginrepeat2d() command must be accompanied by a *endrepeat2d() command.