Modifies an attribute field so that the contents of the selection must be of the specified entity type in the HyperMesh database.


*menuentitysubtype (entity_type)


HyperMesh Card Previewer Command




entity_type must be a valid HyperMesh entity type.

This command can only be used following the sequence of one *menufield and one *menuentitytype command. It will only be effective if the argument to the preceding *menuentitytype is SETS, TITLES, OUTPUTBLOCKS, or TAGS; otherwise it will be ignored. The command may be used more than once. The following fragment is valid:


*menuentitysubtype indicates that only sets, titles, and so on that contain entities of the given type may be selected for this field in the card previewer. In the preceding example, you may select sets that contain elements, nodes or components only. If *menuentitysubtype does not follow *menuentitytype, it is assumed that all types are allowed. Multiple instances of *menuentitysubtype allow multiple subtypes.