Specifies that the value of an attribute is defined by a previously defined *enumeration() command.


*menuoptionenum (attribute, enumeration)


HyperMesh Card Previewer Command


The name of the integer attribute that holds the value.
The name of a previously defined enumeration. The value stored in attribute is converted to an integer based on the selection's place in the enumeration and has a value from one to N (where N is the number of items in the enumeration).


*menustring("One (1)")
*menustring("Two (2)")
*menustring("Three (3)")

For each value specified in the *enumeration() statement that enumeration references, you must have a *menucase() statement. All of the commands between the *menucase()statement that are equal to the value stored in attribute and the next *menucase() or *menuoptionend()statement are executed.

The attribute's value is displayed in the options (bottom) portion of the menu as a selector. You can choose from the values in the enumeration.