Sets the initial value of a pointer.


*menupointerset (pointer number, pointer, value)


HyperMesh Card Previewer Command


pointer number
A value from pointer1 to pointer20 indicating which of the 20 possible pointers should be set to the value parameter.
The pointer to the data object to be accessed. Only certain data types may user pointers. These are described in the template commands where they are valid.
The value of the counter.


For example, to display all the dependent node IDs on a rigid link element, the following commands could be used while in a rigid link card description:

  *menupointerset(pointer1,dependentnodes,[counter1 - 1])

Unlike the *pointerset() command that sets a global value for the entire output section of the template, the *menupointerset() command's value is only for the local scope of an entity as specified by the *beginmenu()and *endmenu() commands.