Modifies an attribute field so that it alerts you when a value is outside of a specified range.


*menurestrictedvalue (restriction, value)


HyperMesh Card Previewer Command


Must be one of the following: >, ≥, ≤, or <.
The value that is used for comparison with the value that you entered.


The following is an example on how to restrict a real attribute to values > 0.0 and ≤ 1.0:


*menurestrictedvalue() cannot modify a *menufield() along with a *menuenum() or a *menulegalvalue() command.

This command must follow a *menufield() command that references an integer or real attribute. If you specify a value outside of the range specified by the *menurestrictedvalue() value, an error message is displayed and the value is displayed in red. Multiple *menurestrictedvalue() commands may be applied to the same *menufield() command, but if restricted to the same boundary, only the last one is used.