Modifies an attribute field so that it has an on/off status.


*menudefaultvalue (string)


HyperMesh Card Previewer Command


The text that is displayed when the status of the attribute is off.


*menufield("MISC 2",real,$REAL_ATTRIBUTE,8)
*menudefaultvalue("no value")

string should be equal in length to the width in the *menufield() command.

This command must follow a *menufield() command that references an integer, real, or string attribute. If multiple entities are being displayed in the card previewer and the status of any attribute on different entities conflict, the title is displayed in red and the value for this attribute is displayed as a large X. The title must be selected to make all entities have the same status for this attribute, which is off. The title for the field can be selected to change the on/off status for the attribute.

If the attribute is off, the title is displayed in yellow and the string specified in the *menudefaultvalue() command is displayed. If the attribute is on, the title is displayed in cyan and an input field is displayed. When the attribute is on, you can select the input field and type in a value for this *menufield().

An attribute's status can be accessed in the output section of the template file using the @defaultstatus() command.