Returns the maximum value of the referenced cells.


cellmax("option", cellref1, cellref2...cellrefn)


The "option" argument can be one of two types, "range" or "list".
Each pair of cell references define a cell range.
"range" is inclusive. For example, cellmax("range", b2, b10) returns the maximum of all cells between the cells b2 and b10.
"range" always has an equal number of arguments: 2, 4, 6, and so on.
The operation is performed on each cell math reference that follows. Every listed cell will be added.
"list" can have any number of arguments.
The cell reference parameters must be legal references to TableView cells. Both relative cell references (b2, c26, e45,...) to cells in the same table and absolute cell references (p1w1_b2, p21w4_c26, ...) to cells in tables in different window and/or pages are supported.


Get the maximum over the cell ranges B3 - B8 and C12 - D14:
=cellmax("range", B3,B8,C12,D14)
Get the maximum value of the cells B3, B8 and C14:
=cellmax("list", B3,B8,C14)


Blank cells and text (string type) cells within the selected range of cells will be ignored when doing the calculations.