System date function.




An optional parameter that specifies how the date is displayed.


Templex Expression Result
{date()} 05/07/96
{date("%y/%j")} 96/164
{date("%b%e")} May 7


The date function returns the current system date (month, day, year) as a string. If format is included, the date is displayed with the specified format.
Format Defintion Example
%a abbreviated weekday name Mon
%A full weekday name Monday
%b abbreviated month name Oct
%B full month name October
%c your operating system's default date and time format varies
%d day of month 14
%D date as %m/%d/%y 10/14/19
%e day of month (single digits are preceded by a blank) 14
%h abbreviated month name Oct
%j day number of year 288
%m month number of year 10
%U week number of year, Sunday is the first day of week 1 40
%w weekday number (Sunday = 0) 1
%W week number of year, Monday is the first day of week 1 40
%x your operating system's default date format varies
%y year within century 19
%Y year as ccyy 2019