extern(func_name, [,expr_1, expr_2, …, expr_n])


The function name associated with the external program in the MotionView preferences file.
[,expr_1, expr_2, …, expr_n]
Optional parameters that specify one or more scalar or vector expressions to be passed to the external program.


The extern function is used to call external programs from within MotionView. The external programs must be registered in your MotionView preferences file using the *RegisterExternalFunction statement. The *RegisterExternalFunction statement associates a C program with a function name. Using the C programming language and Altair inter-process communication functions, you can create external programs for processing plot data in MotionView.

extern can take any number of arguments. The optional expr_1 through expr_n arguments are passed to the registered external function. The result is either a scalar or a vector, depending on the output of the function.

When using extern in standalone Templex, it is necessary to first register the external function with the external_function Templex statement.

extern cannot be used in HyperMesh.