Adds multiple curves which have overlapping x vectors.


curvesum("option", mathref1, mathref2,...mathrefn)


The "option" argument can be one of two types, range or list.
Each pair of math references, or curves, defining a range.
range is inclusive. For example, curvesum("range", p1w1c1.y, p1w1c4.y) mulitplies the Y values of four curves (curve 1 through curve 4 on page 1 window 1).
range always has an equal number of arguments: 2, 4, 6, and so on.
The operation is performed on each curve math reference that follows. Every vector will be added.
list can have any number of arguments.
mathref1, mathref2,...mathrefn
The curve math reference. The parameters must be legal math references to vectors of XY curves. Only absolute math references are supported , for example:
Relative curve math references to the same window such as c1.x are not supported.


To add curves:
x vector = curvesync("range", p1w1c1.x, p1w1c7.x, p1w1c10.x, p1w1c10.x)
y vector = curvesum("range", p1w1c1.y, p1w1c7.y, p1w1c10.y, p1w1c10.y)