RD-HWX-T: 1010 Cantilever Beam with Bolt Prentension

This tutorial demonstrates how to simulate a simple cantilever problem with a concentrated load at the free end, using Dynamic Relaxation (/DYREL) method to obtain a static solution.

Figure 1.
In this lesson you will learn to:
  • Step 1: Load the Radioss (Block) interface and load initial solver deck
  • Step 2: Create bolt connection
  • Step 3: Define material
  • Step 4: Define property
  • Step 5: Create boundary conditions
  • Step 6: Set loading
  • Step 7: Create contact
  • Step 8: Create output (time history / anim)
  • Step 9: Create Engine setup and export the model
  • Step 10: Run model and view results

Model Description

  • UNITS: Length (mm), Time (ms), Mass (kg), Force (kN) and Stress (GPa)
  • Simulation time: [0 – 40.0 ms]
  • Steps to setup this model:
    • Fix the cantilever beam to the support with a 10 kN pre-tension. The bolt attains 10 kN in 10 ms and remains constant thereafter.
    • After pre-tension, a concentrated load of 0.72 kN is gradually applied at the free end of the beam from 10 ms to 40 ms and it remains constant thereafter.
  • Material used Elasto-plastic material /MAT/LAW2.


To run this simulation, you will need access to a licensed version of Radioss. You will need an internet connection to watch the video tutorials and download the files.

Model Files

Before you begin, copy the file(s) used in this tutorial to your working directory.

Tutorial Video