Detection and Simplification of small volumes


Some volumes may be considered small and problematic for the mesh (unnecessary overload). It is possible to detect small volumes according with criteria and then to simplify it according to the neighborhood.

Criteria detection

Small faces are detected by one of the following criteria:

  • Absolute value: all faces with an area smaller than the user area are detected
  • Relative value: computed ratio must be less than the user ratio

Computed ratio < User ratio


  • Computed ratio =
  • User ratio = value required to the user in the box New Detect entities

Detection: example

Here is an example to illustrate the choice of criteria (user ratio).

User ratio chosen = 0.15


Once small volumes detected, the user can simplify it using the command of simplification.

The command of simplification of small volumes is applied only on geometric defects entities of type “small volume”.

The simplification is to merge the small volume detected with neighboring volumes if possible.

After successful simplification, the geometric defect disappears from the date tree and disappears graphically.

Simplification condition

For a detected small volume is mergeable with neighboring volume, volumes must be:

  • collinear and / or tangent
  • free (not linked to other entities preventing the merge)


The different accesses of the operations of Detection and Simplification small volumes are:

  • Detection:
    • By menu: Correction&Simplification > Detect entities > Detect small volumes > New
    • Par icon:
  • Simplification:
    • By menu: Correction&Simplification > Simplify entities > Simplify small volumes > New
    • Par icon:

Movie example

A movie allows showing the use of the detection and simplification of small volume. Video