Data Query

The Data Query panel uses vertical cutting surfaces for viewing and plotting non-planer cross sections.

Figure 1.

Surfaces can be defined by math expressions, specifying orders, and selecting points on the waterfall plot or 3-D surface plot.

Cut List

The Cut list lists the vertical cutting surfaces contained in the plot, or new queries that are added to the current plot. The currently selected vertical cutting surface is displayed in the Cut text field. Select or deselect the check box to activate the vertical cutting surface displayed in the Cut text field.
Selects every query in the list
Deselects all highlighted queries in the list.
Exchanges the currently selected queries for the unselected queries in the list.
Deletes a section query.
Adds a new section query.
Add n...
Adds a specific number of queries.


Select the type of query that you want to create.
Passes a query surface through an order.
Input vector
XY vector which contains the driving or input vector for the waterfall plot.
Time vector
XY vector which defines the time values used to create the waterfall plot.
Select the order that you want to query. You can enter the values manually or left-click on an order in the waterfall plot.
Input vector is in RPM
Select this option to scale the response curve by 60 to use RPS.
Click Apply to create/update the query surface.
A math equation defining a curve on an XY plane.
Math expression on the XY plane, along the X axis.
Math expression on the XY plane along the Y axis.
Point List
Create a curve on the XY plane by picking the X, Y, and Z points.
X, Y, Z
Click in the X, Y, and Z fields to enter values.
Add Row
Click Add Row to add a row to the table.
Delete Row
Select a row and click Delete Row to delete the row from the table.
Clear Table
Clear the contents of the table.
Move Arrows
Use the up and down arrows to move between rows.


The Layout option allows you to specify how the plotted data is arranged on a page.
One plot
Data is arranged on one plot.
One plot per cut
One plot is created for each vertical cutting surface. The Page Layout button is activated when you select this option. Choose a page layout type from the pop-up dialog.
New plot
Curves are plotted in a new plot window.
Create curve
Creates an XY curve of the 3D plot cross section.
Use the two drop-down menus under Create curve to define the independent and dependent vectors for the XY curve. Both menus contain the same options: X, Y, and Z.
X, Y, and Z are the X, Y, and Z values in the 3D plot.
Select an option from the first drop-down menu to define the independent vector, then go to the second drop-down menu and select an option to define the dependent vector. Click Plot Data to create the plot.
Preview the plot before creating it.
Plot Data
Creates the curves.