Datum Lines View

The Datum Lines View, , displays only the datum lines in the session, grouped within their respective page and plot folders. Clicking on a datum line displays the datum line's properties in the Entity Editor.

Figure 1.

When a datum line is selected, the following fields are displayed in the Entity Editor:


The datum line name, created when you add a datum line.
The datum line label.
Click the check box to display the datum line in the modeling window.
The layer ID.
Enter a value in the Position field.
The value entered can be any of the following:
  • A single value.
  • A math expression that returns a single value (without curly brackets, {}).
  • A math expression as a function of x or y, with x or y being the horizontal or vertical axes values, respectively.
Associated Axis
The axis the datum line is associated with.
Horizontal or vertical datum line.


Font Settings
Define the font type, style, and size.
Label Location
Select the location for the datum label in the modeling window.
Options include:
  • Upper Left
  • Upper Center
  • Upper Right
  • Lower Left
  • Lower Center
  • Lower Right
  • Mouse Over
Line Style, Line Thickness, and Line Color
Set the datum line attributes for line style, thickness, and color.