Flux Installation


Each Flux version (major and minor) is a completely independent version. It is installed by default in its own directory and is able to coexist with the older versions.

The software installation runs automatically.

Installed components

The automatic installation installs the following components:
  • The Flux Version 2021.2 software
  • The Flux Version 2021.2 documentation and examples:
    • the documentation in English version: installation guide and user guide,
    • the documentation in French version: user guide,
    • the examples: tutorials and technical papers (in English version only), with the corresponding Flux projects and/or command files.

Installation directories

These components are installed:
  • by default:
    • with a user account: in the directory C:\Users\<username>\Altair\2021.2
    • with an administrator account: in the directory C:\Program Files\Altair\2021.2
  • or in any other directory specified by the user during the installation*.
In the chosen installation directory:
  • The Flux 2021.2 software is installed in the sub-directory flux.
  • The Flux 2021.2 documentation and examples are installed in the sub-directory flux\Flux\DocExamples.

* The full installation directory path must not include any special characters.