Silent Mode


A silent mode installation installs Flux without requiring any user interaction. The installer makes use of a response file that contains the installation options to run the installation from start to end without any user input.

Silent Mode

  1. Create a response file. Run the installer in interactive mode with the r option to save the installation properties to a response file.
  2. Trigger a silent mode installation from the command line using one of the following options:
    • Use the default property values as provided by the installer package.
      • Setting -DACCEPT_EULA=YES means that you accept the terms of the License Agreement and allows you to proceed with Flux installation
      • If nothing is specified for ACCEPT_EULA variable or if -DACCEPT_EULA=NO then Flux will not be installed
    • Specify properties.
      [INSTALLER_NAME] -i silent -D[Property]=[VALUE]

      For example:

      -DACCEPT_EULA=YES -DUSER_INSTALL_DIR=C:\\Program Files\\Altair\\2021.2
    • Use a response file containing properties.
      [INSTALLER_NAME] -i silent -f "[RESPONSE_PATH]\"
  • [INSTALLER_NAME] is the installer binary.
  • [RESPONSE_PATH] is the path where the response file resides.
  • Use quotes around directory and pathnames that contain spaces.
  • Do not use spaces between VARIABLE=VALUE statements in the response file.