Altair® Panopticon


Scheduling Tasks

On the Scheduler tab of the System Settings page, Panopticon Real Time allows scheduling of tasks.


A new scheduled task is added in the list with the properties.


Scheduler Property


Run Task

Manually run scheduled task.

Create New Task

Create a new scheduled task.

Delete Task

Delete a scheduled task.

Task Properties

The task properties include:

·         Name of the task

·         Activated status

·         Type of the scheduled task

·         Trigger type: Period or CRON

·         Last user who made an update

·         Date/Time when the task was created

·         Date/Time when the task was last ran

·         Last run result: Success or Failed

For failed results, you can hover on the tooltip to view the error.

NOTE: The result is not displayed for Extract Data scheduler type.




To create a new task, click . The New Task pane displays that allows you to define the following tasks:


q  Sending of a CSV Data via Email

q  Sending of an MS Excel file via Email

q  Sending of an HTML Formatted Data via Email

q  Sending of an Image file via Email

q  Sending of a PDF file via Email

q  Extracting Data



·         To allow scheduling of email send outs, Panopticon Real Time must be configured with valid email server information in the file located in the AppData folder (e.g., c:\vizserverdata).

See Panopticon Real Time Configurations for Email Send Outs and Alerts for instructions.

·         If any data load fails, such as when the data source is offline, the PDF/Image generation fails as well and an email will not be sent.