Edit the SurfDrape Object

Reposition the axis, resize, offset, or define a tolerance for a deform object.

  1. Double-click the object to enter edit mode.
  2. Edit the deform object:
    To Do this Note
    Resize the object In the modeling window:
    • Drag the dashed blue line around the object.
    • Click the blue line, and then enter a scale value.
    Reposition the object In the modeling window:
    • Drag the Origin point.
    • Drag the Offset arrow.
    • Drag the Reference Direction arrow, or select Reverse in the guide bar.
    If the object is dragged outside of the face the operation will fail.
    Change the plane of the object In the guide bar, select from the following:
    • Top
    • Front
    • Right
    • Minimize Stretch
    • UV Mapping
    Modify the tolerance In the Control Panel, enter an Accuracy [%]. The maximum value is 100%.

    Changing the Accuracy [%] may slow down the operation or cause it to fail.