Defining a Variable to Create Parametric Geometry

Create a variable to create parametric geometry.

  1. On the Construct tab, in the Define group, click the  Add Variable icon.
  2. In the Label field, enter a name for the variable.
  3. In the Expression field, enter a value, expression or an already defined variable.
  4. [Optional] In the Comment field, add a comment or description for the variable.
  5. [Optional] Select the Limit check box to define a range for the value of the variable.
    • In the Minimum field, enter a value for the smallest variable value.
    • In the Maximum field, enter a value for the largest variable value.
  6. Select one of the following workflows to close the dialog.
    • To create the variable and close the dialog, click Create.
    • To create the variable, but keep the dialog open to create another variable, click Add.

    Figure 1. The Create Variable dialog.