Modify Scope Display

Modify the scope display through the scope window, block dialog and Property Editor.

Modify Scopes in the Window

Use the microdialog options to define a curve line, grid, and axis label in the plot window.

  1. Choose to define the following:
    • Curve: Right-click the curve, then define the parameters in the microdialog. Enter a label for the curve in the Legend field.

      Note: If the legend is hidden, left-click a line, then select Legend Visibility in the Property Editor.
    • Grid: Right-click a grid line, then define the grid parameters in the microdialog.

    • Axis Label: Right-click the axis, then define the axis label in the microdialog.

    • Plot Header/Title: Right-click in the space above the plot, then define the header text in the microdialog.

    • Plot Footer: Right-click in the space below the plot, then define the footer text in the microdialog.

  2. Close the plot.
    Your changes are automatically saved.
    Note: You can also modify some aspects of the plots through the Property Editor or context menu.

Modify Scope Parameters in the Block Dialog

Double-click a scope block in the model to edit parameters that dictate the scope behavior.

  1. To change how plots are generated for the scope block, set the window options in the block dialog:
    1. Right-click a scope block in your model.

    2. From the context menu, select Parameters.
    3. Select a Window option from the list:

      Option Description
      Overlay Display results from multiple runs in the same plot window.
      Reuse Generate results in the same window for multiple runs. Display the current results and delete the previous results.
      New Generate results in a new window for each run. Retain the existing window.
      Recreate Generate results in a new window for each run. Delete the existing window.
  2. Click OK.
To view the help page that explains all the parameters for the scope block, select the block in your model, then press F1.

Modify Scopes in the Property Editor

Use the Property Editor to modify the headers, footers, and display aspects of the scope window and legend.

  1. Run a simulation on a model that includes a scope block.
  2. Select View > Property Editor.
  3. Double-click a scope block to open the plot window.
  4. Left-click the white space in the plot window.
    The Property Editor displays the options available to define a Header, Footer, Legend display, and a number of visual properties.

  5. Select and define the options in the Property Editor as required for the scope plot.
Note: You must modify some items directly on the plot including the axis label, legend name, and curve display by right-clicking the desired object in the plot window and modifying it with the microdialog options.