Material Summary

The material summary module generates four table outputs. The module creates a detailed summary of materials present in the model of type isotropic, anisotropic and orthotropic. The table names are:
  • Material Isotropic MAT1 Details
  • Material Isotropic MAT4 Details
  • Material Anisotropic MAT2 Details
  • Material Orthotropic MAT8 Details
  1. Right-click at the report or chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Material Summary.
  2. Make your selections.
    1. Enter the name for the material summary.
    2. Material Isotropic MAT1 Details: Table for isotropic MAT1 materials.
    3. Material Isotropic MAT4 Details: Table for isotropic MAT4 materials.
    4. Material Anisotropic MAT2 Details: Table for anisotropic MAT2 materials.
    5. Material Orthotropic MAT8 Details: Table for orthotropic MAT8 materials.
    6. Numeric Format: Numeric format Fixed or Scientific.
    7. Decimal: Precision value for scientific format.
      Once executed, a table output for material summary is generated.