Model Summary

A powerful tool for manual/automatic report creation using the model summary report template (.tpl) file. This tool provides a simplified and consolidated approach for report creation with one click and by define your own report structure.

This report covers the following aspects related to the model:

Model Image
    • Isometric view
    • Top view
    • Front view
    • Left-side view
    • Pre-defined
  • Global Model Summary
    • Entire model high level entity count
    • Entire model units
    • Entire model mass information
    • Entire model MOI using COG as center
    • Entire model COG information
  • Part Summary
    • Component high level information
    • Component with min max ID details
    • Component mass highlights
    • Component COG data
    • Component MOI data
  • Material Summary
    • Material isotropic MAT1 details
    • Material isotropic MAT4 details
    • Material anisotropic MAT2 details
    • Material orthotropic MAT8 details
  • Property Summary
    • Property information with type and ID
  • Elements Summary
    • Elements 1D count
    • Elements 2D 3D count
    • 2D mesh quality statistics table
    • 2D mesh quality statistics plot
    • 3D mesh quality statistics table
    • 3D mesh quality statistics plot
  • Ply Orientation
    • Information of model
    • Model thickness in mm plot
    • Model material and property IDs and plies "0°, 45°, -45°, 90°"
  • Shell Summary
    • Information of model
    • Model thickness in mm plot
    • Entire model shell thickness summary
  • Model Checker Summary
    • Model Checker ERROR table
    • Model Checker WARNING table
    • Model Checker INFO table
    • Failed Checks tables
  • Model Checker Plots
    • Component with solids and shells
    • Orientation vector along axis vector
    • RBE3 elements are collinear
    • Duplicate 1D/2D/3D elements
    • Free nodes in the model
    • Coinciding G1 and G2 grid points
  • Element Quality Plots
    • Aspect ratio 2D/2D
    • Chordal deviation 2D
    • Coordinate systems
    • Free edges
    • Free faces
    • Normal
    • Element offset 1D
    • Element coordinate system
    • Node coordinate system
    • Jacobian 2D/3D
    • Volume aspect ratio 3D
Interactive Mode
The Report Browser is used to create, execute and export document and presentation reports.
Default Mode
Generate pre-defined model summary report.
Model Checker Report
Define report group enables you to perform report actions with one click.
Aerospace Model Summary Report Modules
Modules are used to perform specific operations in a report in automated ways and provide the output in the prescribed format per module logic.
Modify the main document and select the report template.
Custom Tasks
Custom tasks in report generation.
Record View Tool
Dynamic image capture tool.