Model Checker Summary

The model checker summary module generates three basic table outputs along with a failed checks table. The module creates a detailed summary of the ran model checker checks, such as Error, Info and Warning, in the current session. The table names are:
  • ERROR Table
  • WARNING Table
  • INFO Table
  • Failed Checks Tables
  1. Right-click at the report or chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Model Checker Summary.
  2. Make your selections.
    1. Enter the name for the model checker summary.
    2. ERROR Table: Summary table for the entire error check folder.
    3. WARNING Table: Summary table for the entire warning check folder.
    4. INFO Table: Summary Table for the info entire check folder.
    5. Failed Checks Tables: Detailed table summary for total failed checks in the model checker.
    6. Checks Export Type: Export check options are Failed, Passed and All.
    7. Page Break: Add a page break at the end of the item.
    Once executed, a table output for model checker summary is generated.