Record View

Capture a dynamic view of the model, including display options.

Restriction: The Record View tool is limited to single graphical entity selection.
  1. Open/import an existing HyperMesh model.
  2. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Report > Record View.

    • Record File: Save the path of the record view file.
    • Start: When you click Start, the record view execution starts in the background. After this you can perform operations that you want to include in the record file, such as model orientation, color mode, geometric and mesh visualization, element and handle visualization, show, hide and isolate.
    • End: End the Record View tool. The file is saved to the user-defined location, which you can use in the model summary report, or you can play in another session.
    • Play: Opens the Record Play tool. You can select the file to be played and click Play to get the output. The file execution takes place in the background. If the file has an entity selection, a dialog opens to select the entity. Make your selection as per requirement.
    • Click Close to exit the Exit Record tool.