Part Summary

The part summary module generates five table outputs. The module covers part information, mix/max IDs, mass, COG and MOI information of the model. The table names are:
  • Component High level Info
  • Component with Min Max ID Details
  • Component Mass Highlights
  • Component COG Data
  • Component MOI Data
  1. Right-click at the report or chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Part Summary.
  2. Make your selections.
    1. Enter the name for the part summary.
    2. Component High level Info: Detailed summary of each component, for example name, ID, property, material, thickness, elements and nodes.
    3. Component with Min Max ID Details: Components detailed ID summary of elements and the node.
    4. Component Mass Highlights: Summary table of components.
    5. Component COG Data: Component summary of coefficient of gravity along with the X, Y and Z axis.
    6. Component MOI Data: Component summary of moment of inertia along with IXX, IYY, IZZ, IXY, IYZ, IXZ.
    7. Numeric Format: Numeric format Fixed or Scientific.
    8. Decimal: Precision value for scientific format.
    Once executed, a table output for part summary is generated.