Edit curves within a specified range and orientation.

  1. Select one or more curves to edit.
    Tip: You can click and drag a selection area over the plot window to select all displayed curves. The number of curves selected is displayed in the Curves field of Edit guide bar.
  2. From the Line Plot ribbon, click the Edit tool.
    Figure 1.
    The Edit guide bar is displayed.

    Figure 2. Edit guidebar
  3. Define the range to edit the curve data using one of the following methods:
    1. From the Options menu, , enter From and To values to define the range.
      Important: If Interpolate is selected, a point is inserted using the From or To values, otherwise, the closest point is found for the selected curves based on the From/To values.
    2. Drag the slider bars in the plot window to define the range.
    3. Click the slider bar to display a micro dialog that contains the slider bar's current position. Enter a new value in the X field to move the slider bar.
      From the micro dialog, select the slider mode. Once selected, click the arrow to move the slider bar.

      Figure 3. Edit guide bar microdialog
      Moves the slider bar to the step value specified in the field.
      Moves the slider bar to the next highest point on the curve.
      Moves the slider bar to the next lowest point on the curve.
      Snap To
      Snap To forces the range values to be existing points on the selected curve. Move the range bars on the screen to find the curve point.
  4. From the filter menu, select one of the following actions:
    Removes the data outside of the selected range.
    Removes the data within the selected range without closing any gaps created by this action. Delete can only be used at the beginning or end of the curve.
    Turns off curve points within the selected range, but does not remove any gaps created by this action.
    Click Expression to replace the points in the selected range with the expression. You can also replace curve points (on a point-by-point basis) within a specified range with an expression. The expression replaces the points in the selected range. For example, -y will flip all points in the selected range about the x-axis. y+1 will move the selected range up by 1.
    Bridges the curve linearly across the selected range. This replaces the data in the selected range with a straight line on a point-by-point basis.
    Removes the data within the selected range and closes any gap created by this action.
  5. Click Proceed, , to complete the action.
    Note: From the Plot Browser, select the edited curve(s) to view the action performed and its related data.

    Figure 4.
    Tip: To display the Edit guide bar from the Plot Browser, select a curve, right-click and select Edit Curves.
  6. Click Reset, , to reset the guide bar options.