Create macros that produce curves and notes for plots.

Figure 1. Math

A plot macro can include either a curve, note, or both. Plot macros can be used to capture and replay frequently used curve operations, such as adding two curves together, filtering curves, or filtering and then curve fitting data. They can also be used for frequently used plot notes. You can create and edit plot macros in HyperGraph or load them automatically by registering them in a preference file.

When plot macros are added using Plot Macros, they are saved in the session file. When plot macros are added to the preference file, they cannot be edited in Plot Macros and are not saved to the session file.

Macro List and Parameters

The Macros list contains all plot macros in the current session.

Selected macros can be cut, copied, and pasted.

The parameters associated with the selected macro are displayed in the Parameters list. Parameters can be either curve or scalar. Curve parameters are displayed as collectors. Click on a collector to graphically select a curve from a plot. Double-click on a collector to display the Select Curve dialog. Scalar parameters are displayed as text boxes. Parameters are usually used to collect curves from within the session to use in mathematical expressions. The result calculation can utilize any math function, including Templex functions and external functions. Macros support multiple arguments for parameters.

Edit Plot Macros

From the Edit Plot Macros dialog, you can add new plot macros to a session and edit the curves and notes for existing plot macros.

Select Add or Edit from the Plot Macros panel to display the dialog.
Add parameters for plots and notes.
Add or edit a plot macro curve.
Add or edit a plot macro note. Notes can be attached to windows, views, existing curves, coordinates, and curves created by the macro.


Under Layout, you can control the placement of the resulting curves with the following options.

Place new curves in original plots
Inserts the resultant curve(s) in original plots. The created curves are associated to the original curve's axis.
Hide input curves
Original curve(s) are hidden but not deleted.
From the Edit Plot Macro dialog, select the option Hide input curves by default to set the default state of the Hide input curves check box when you select a macro from the Macro list.
Create new pages
Places resultant curve(s) on a new page. When creating curves from Plot Macros, the created curves are associated to the same axis as the selected curves.
Use current plot
Places all resultant curve(s) in current plot.

The plot macro uses the parameters to create curves and notes within the session. Click Apply to apply a plot macro.

Click Undo to reverse the plot macro.