Create and Edit Points/Nodes

Use the Create Points/Nodes tool to create and edit points/nodes on geometry surfaces and lines or in space. Points and nodes can be used to establish reference locations for geometry construction and meaningful snap locations for use with other tools.

New points created on existing geometry are organized in the same component as the source geometry, and new points created in empty space are organized in the current component.
  1. From the Geometry ribbon, Points tool group, click the Create Points/Nodes tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. From the drop-down menu below the tool, select whether to work with points or nodes.
  3. Create points and nodes in the following ways:
    • Left-click in the modeling window and enter X, Y, and Z coordinates in the microdialog, then press Enter.
    • Interpolate by holding Ctrl while left-clicking new or existing points/nodes. Interpolate the midpoint of two points/nodes or the center of three points/nodes, or enter a number of points/nodes to interpolate in the microdialog and press Enter.
  4. Double-click on a point or a node to edit its coordinates.
  • Create points and nodes at predefined points on geometry, such as end, middle, center, and intersection points. When interpolating points and nodes, you can also snap to points along the x, y, and z axis.
  • Copying and pasting topology vertices (fixed points) generates free points and organizes them in the same component.