Offset Surfaces

Use the Surfaces: Offset tool to offset surfaces or solids in a normal direction.

The topology of the surface edges (free, shared edges, and so on) is maintained during the offset function. Some individual surfaces will be trimmed or extended to maintain the connectivity.

Note: This functionality is not supported for FE geometry.
  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Surfaces > Offset tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Optional: On the guide bar, click to define offset options.
  3. Select Surfaces or Solids from the guide bar selector then make your selection in the modeling window.
  4. Optional: If you are selecting Surfaces with continuous offset, click the Lines selector and then select separator lines.
  5. Offset surfaces in the following ways:
    • Click-and-drag selected surfaces.
    • Enter an offset value in the microdialog.

    Figure 2.
Tip: Offset surfaces in the opposite direction of the surface normal by entering a negative offset value.