Damping models are used to associate damping properties with an element. The damping models in SEAM can be used for many complex applications.

Figure 1. Create Dampings Entity Editor
Enter a unique name.
Enter a unique ID.
Damping Type
A predefined type which describes the general form of the damping. The damping type is chosen from the Config drop-down menu.
Note: The damping type determines the damping parameters.
From the Config drop-down menu, select one of two basic damping types. The basic damping types are:
  • Structural - General damping model for a structural element.
  • Acoustic - General damping model for an acoustic element.
Use the parameter fields to enter the data for the damping model. The parameter fields that are displayed depend on the damping type selected:
  • Structural Damping parameters
  • Acoustic Damping parameters