I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry Used to request fatigue damage results output for all fatigue subcases or individual fatigue subcases, respectively. Also supported in Damage initiation output for OSTTS analysis.


DAMAGE (format, type, THRESH=thresh, RTHRESH=rthresh, TOP=topn, RTOP=rtop) = option


Argument Options Description
format <H3D, OPTI, blank>
Results are output in Hyper3D format (.h3d file).
Results are output in OptiStruct results format (.fat file).
blank (Default)
Results are output in all active formats for which the result is available.
type <SUB, EVENT>
SUB (Default)
Only the total damage from the fatigue subcase is output.
Damage contribution from each FATEVNT and total damage from fatigue subcases are output.
THRESH <thresh>

Default = blank (Real)

Specifies an absolute threshold under which Damage results should not be output.
RTHRESH <rthresh>

Default = blank (0.0 < Real < 1.0)

Specifies a relative threshold as a fraction of the total damage under which results should not be output. For example, if D is the total damage in the model, then damage results below D*rthresh are excluded from the output.
TOP <topn>

Default = blank (Integer > 0)

Only the top “topn” damage values should be output.
RTOP <rtopn>

Default = blank (0.0 < Real < 1.0)

Only the top fraction (“rtop”) of the total number of damage values should be output. For example, if DTOT is the total number of damage values in the model, then only the top DTOT*rtop values are output.
option <YES, ALL, NO, NONE, SID>

Default = ALL

YES, ALL, blank
Results are output for all elements.
Results are not output.
If a set ID is specified, results are output only for elements listed in that set.


  1. Multiple formats are allowed on the same entry; these should be comma separated. If a format is not specified, this output control applies to all formats defined by the OUTPUT command, for which the result is available.
  2. Multiple instances of this card are allowed. If instances are conflicting, the last instance dominates.
  3. DAMAGE for a single EVENT defined in the input file is not output in an H3D file, but the total damage is always output, if DAMAGE(EVENT) is requested explicitly.
  4. The type argument is not applicable to Damage initiation output with OSTTS.
  5. Damage initiation output with DAMAGE I/O Options Entry is supported only in H3D format.
  6. Damage initiation output is available at element center and integration points. The H3D file result type label is Damage(Ductile) (GAUSS).