I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry Enables the output of resultant forces and moments for internally generated sections.


RESULTANT (format_list, type) = option


Argument Option Description
format <OPTI, blank>
OPTI (Default), blank
Results are output in OPTI format (to a .secres file).

No default

Enables output of resultants for user-defined sections but disables the output for cross-sections associated with pretension bolts.
option <YES, NO, NONE, blank>
YES (Default), blank
Resultant force and moments are output.
Resultant force and moments are not output.


  1. In case of transient analysis, OUTPUT, HGTRANS can be specified along with RESULTANT to obtain a session file (_tran.mvw file), that can be used for plotting the time histories in HyperGraph.
  2. Section resultant calculations are not available for transient subcases preloaded by a nonlinear static subcase, which may result in ERROR # 5837. In such cases, RESULTANT (OPTI) = NO should be used to disable their calculation and output.
  3. This output request is applicable to linear static and transient (direct and modal) analysis types.