Create a Plot from CSV files

RVS supports plotting of visualization data stored using CSV (comma-separated values) files.

To plot a CSV file, have your CSV files uploaded in the Files tab.
The CSV plot file contains plot result data in the form of values with comma separated.

You can apply a template to view your CSV plot result and also create a new template using the CSV plot parameters.

If you have a default template set for a CSV plot file, you will be navigated to the plot result if the default template is valid for the selected result file. If a template cannot be applied to a result file, a message is displayed to select another valid template.

  1. Right-click a CSV file and then click Open With > Plot TOC.
    The Table of Contents (TOC) pop-up screen is displayed.

    Table of Contents
    Figure 1. Table of Contents

    The variables of the plot data values are displaying under Column name.

  2. Optional: Enter a name for Plot Title.
  3. Optional: Enter a name for X-Axis Title.
  4. Optional: Enter a name for Y-Axis Title.
  5. Optional: Enter a name for Template Name if you wish to save the following parameter selections as a Plot Template.

    The first time a plot is created from a job results folder, the Generic Template is selected.

  6. For X-Axis parameters, to choose different parameters click located to the right of the field.
    Note: By default, the first entry in the result parameters list is considered for a plot.
  7. Select the variables as Y-axis parameters.
    Note: The CSV file details are displayed as Column names to select the plot parameters.
  8. Choose one of the following options:
    • Click Set Template as Default check box to set this template as a default template.
    • Click Save to update the plot template.
    • Click Save As to create a new plot template.
  9. Click Plot.
    Tip: Click to clear the Y-axis selections.
    The plot is generated and displayed.