Begins a category override block in the preferences file. This is used to post a category-based legend when plotting certain result types.


*BeginCategoryOverride (name)




The name of the data type for which this preference option will be applied.




*BeginCategoryOverride("Contact Status")
      *Category(3, "Frozen", "Red")
      *Category(2, "ClosedStick", "Orange")
      *Category(1, "ClosedSlip", "Green")
      *Category(0, "Open", "Blue")


This preference statement block can be used show a legend with meaningful labels instead of numbers for certain result types. For example, OptiStruct outputs discrete numeric values for the result type “Contact Status” where each numeric value corresponds to a particular type of contact condition. Through this preference statement block, you can define the category label and color to be used for each numeric value so that when plotting this particular result type, HyperView will automatically display a label-based legend.

Currently in the preferences file, it is predefined for the Contact Status result type output by the OptiStruct and Abaqus solvers and Coloumb Friction Contact Status result output by the OptiStruct solver. You can extend this to potentially any result type by adding additional blocks. However, it is advised to use it only on result types with discrete values that can be clearly mapped to category labels.