Registers a MATLAB function in a library compiled with MATLAB Compiler version 4 or later.


*RegisterExternalDLLFunction ("Function Name", "Third party DLL name", "Path to the compiled math function", "Number of Arguments", "Number of Outputs")


MotionView, HyperView, HyperGraph and HyperGraph 3D.


"Function Name"
The display name of the function within the HyperWorks application. The name cannot contain spaces.
"Third party DLL name"
The name of the third party DLL.
"Path to the compiled math function"
The full path and filename of the compiled library. Usually a .dll file on Windows PC and a .so file on Linux and Unix.
"Number of Outputs"
The number of outputs returned from the math function. Usually "1".






Compile m-functions with MATLAB Compiler version 4 and later. Among the files generated, two files are used: the .dll, or .so, file and the .ctf file. The .ctf file needs to be in the same directory as the .dll file.

Multiple functions are supported in the same DLL.

Functions sharing a name with an existing HyperGraph math function are overwritten by the HyperGraph math function.