Specifies the maximum file size for loading the entire plot file into memory.


*SetPreloadMaximum (size)


HyperGraph and HyperGraph 3D


The file size in bytes. Specifying a size of zero disables this command. Smaller values sacrifice performance for memory and larger values sacrifice memory for performance. Files smaller than the specified size will be loaded into memory entirely. When plotting from memory, curves are generated faster because the data does not have to be read from the disk or from across a network. Files larger than the specified size will conserve memory by loading only the selected items from the Request list into memory. This is done at the cost of a delay between hitting the Apply button in the Build Plots panel and the time the data is plotted.




This statement is available under the *BeginPlotDefaults() block.

In the installation, it is located in <install_directory>/hw/prefinc/preferences_common_plot.mvw.