Assigns Tcl procedures to keyboard letter keys.


*RegisterCtrlKeyProcedure (key, Tcl filename, Tcl procedure)


HyperView, MotionView, HyperGraph.


The keyboard letter key to be assigned to the Tcl procedure. Letters are not case sensitive.
Note: The following keys are already in use and cannot be used with this preference statement:
  • B C E N O P S V X
  • Tab
  • Esc
  • Text navigation keys (Arrow keys, Insert, Home, Page Up, Delete, End, Page Down).
  • Any other shortcut keys defined by the operating system.
Tcl filename
The full path to the Tcl file that contains the procedure.
Tcl procedure
The name of the procedure to call when the Ctrl and keyboard letter keys are pressed. Arguments for the Tcl procedure may also be included.


*BeginDefaults() Block


To assign the Tcl procedure change_layout in the file function_keys.tcl to the keyboard letter key "a" and pass in "1" as an argument for the procedure:

*Id("MotionView v8.0")
   *RegisterCtrlKeyProcedure(A,"C:\function_keys.tcl", "change_layout 1")