Registers a solver in the MotionView window.


*RegisterSolver (solver, "label", SOLVER_INPUT_EXT, "ext", [SOLVER_COMMAND_EXT], "ext", [SOLVER_PARAM_EXT], "ext", [GRAPHICS_EXT], "ext", [SOLVER_DLL], "path/file")




The varname of the Solver being registered.
The label of the Solver that will show in the Solvers drop-down menu.
The extension of the Solver input file.
The extension of the Solver command file.
The extension of the Solver parameters file.
The extension of the Solver graphics file. Can be the same as the Solver input file.
The full path of the Solver DLL.





*RegisterSolver( ABAQUS, "ABAQUS", SOLVER_INPUT_EXT, "inp", SOLVER_DLL, "d:/abaq_writer.dll" )


The functionality in *RegisterSolver() can be used in two ways:
  • The contents of Templex templates of the corresponding type (solver input, solver command, solver param, and graphics) will export to a file with the name determined by the Solver base name and extension.
    For example, the contents of a Templex template of type GRAPHICS is written to test.inp if the file name in the Run panel is test and the registered extension for GRAPHICS_EXT is inp.
    Note: For Templex templates to be written to a solver command file, an instance of the template must occur in an *Event block.
  • The use of the API where an advanced user writes a "solver writer" in C++ and compiles it into a DLL.