The Points tool allows you to add points to models and edit point coordinates.

Points are one of the fundamental construction elements for multibody models built in MotionView. Also, almost all the entities that can be created in MotionView need to use points either for defining their location or orientation. Therefore the creation of points is an important task in model building within MotionView

Figure 1.
In MotionView you can create the following types of points:
  • Single Point
  • Point Pair (Asymmetric or Symmetric)

Point Entity Properties

A Point entity is defined by its three Cartesian coordinates X, Y and Z.

Figure 2. Point Entity – Properties Map

A Point entity (like most of the entities that are created in MotionView) can be a Single entity or a Pair entity. The Pair entities help in creating models which are symmetric about the Z-X Plane of the model. Their properties can also be symmetric about the Z-X Plane (in other words, the Y property is mirrored). Asymmetry or Symmetry of the points can be decided or specified when editing the created point.

The Points panel contains the following tabs:
  • Properties
  • Measure