Airbag Solutions

Airbag solutions offer airbag folder utilities and exports a resulting airbag in a Radioss deck.

Restriction: Radioss and LS-DYNA are the solvers currently supported for the Airbag Solutions ribbon. For LS-DYNA airbags you will convert the model to Radioss format using the Airbag Solutions ribbon so that you can use Radioss for the next folding steps. In order to use the folder for other explicit solver use cases, contact support.

For each of the steps, a solver deck is generated automatically from your selections, such as geometric definition of a fold, target positions of boundary nodes in the stitching and the target container in the housing. You do not need to know any of the solver cards or have strong knowledge about Radioss, however you will have to run the solver deck that is generated.

Once the solver run is finished, you will import the new node positions, and in the stitching the new connectivity, from the .h3d file.