MV-7021: MotionSolve/EDEM Co-Simulation

In this tutorial, you will learn about the set-up and co-simulation of MotionSolve and EDEM through MotionView.

MotionSolve has the ability to interface with Altair EDEM, a state-of-the-art bulk material simulation tool. EDEM is based on the Discrete Element Method (DEM) that simulates and analyzes the behavior of bulk materials such as sand, granules, capsules, grass, rock masses etc. For more information about this method refer to and the Discrete Element Simulation in MotionSolve topic in the MotionSolve User Guide.

This tutorial assumes minimum knowledge in both Altair’s MotionSolve/MotionView and EDEM.

The following pre-requisites are necessary for a successful interaction between MotionSolve and EDEM:
Software Version
HyperWorks 2019.1 or later for rigid body coupling

2021 or later for flexible body coupling

EDEM 2019.1 or later for rigid body coupling

2020.3.1 or later for flexible body coupling

PM Flex Tire Latest version for PM Flex Tire coupling

PM Flex Tire is available through the Altair Partners Alliance

Note: It is recommended to install EDEM in the same location as HyperWorks (default: C:/Program Files/Altair/202s) .

If EDEM is installed in a different location, please add ~install_location/EDEM/bin and ~install_location/EDEM/lib to the PATH environment variable for features such as geometry transfer and co-simulation to work effectively.

The steps and options described here are for the version 2022 release of HyperWorks and EDEM.

Problem Definition
The problem consists of a wheel, that can only rotate around its center. A number of particles is impinged on the wheel blades, causing it to rotate. The wheel is modeled in MotionSolve, while the particles and its interaction with the wheel is modeled in EDEM. A rigid Wheel to particle interaction is set up first. The wheel is later replaced with a flexible body to show flexible body to particle interaction.
Both the wheel and the particle data are given in the table below:
Property Units Values
Particles (Bulk material)
Radius [m] 0.10
Poisson's ratio [-] 0.25
Density [kg/m3] 2500
Shear Modulus [Pa] 108
Wheel (Equipment material)
Poisson's ratio [-] 0.30
Density [kg/m3] 7860
Shear Modulus [Pa] 80.77.109