Step 1 : Creation of the support


The mechanical analysis context of Flux will no longer be available in the near future; all the features of this context are fully available in the Data import/export context. The mechanical analysis context remains available in advanced mode.

The method to create the support to carry out a computation of surface magnetic forces on Flux mesh is described in this section.

It is available through the menu Computation support > New or through the icon

Support creation

The steps in creating the computation support are described below. An image of the creation box for the support is also available.

Step Action
1 Choose the name of the computation support (+ comment)
2 Choose the method Support for magnetic surface forces computation

Select the Flux geometric entities to create the computation support*:

  • Lines / line regions / paths in 2D
  • Faces / surface regions / 2D grid / cut plane in Skew and 3D

An automatic filtering exists, refusing the selection of non valid entities

4 In case of periodicities / symmetries, choose the application or not of the geometrical rebuilt on the support.
5 Choose the mechanical set of the computation support (if existing)
6 Validate by OK

*Tip on computation support selection

Given the existence of an intelligent filter that does not select the invalid elements, one tip is to pass through a constraint region: Choose the regions containing the computation support.

Only the geometric entities verifying the constraint of the method (interface of two different permeability regions) are then selected.