The mechanical analysis context of Flux will no longer be available in the near future; all the features of this context are fully available in the Data import/export context. The mechanical analysis context remains available in advanced mode.

The computation of surface magnetic forces on Flux mesh is a force computation done on Flux mesh at the interface between two regions having different permeability value.

Use case

The computation is available for all magnetic applications in Flux.

The force computing method presented in the previous part is dedicated to motor applications, but the computation of surface magnetic forces on Flux mesh can be used for all devices with magnetic forces action, for example:

  • Rotating actuator with variable speed (mechanical set with coupled charge)
  • Linear actuator
  • Transformer
  • Etc.

For devices which are not constant speed motor the temporal duplication doesn't work. User has to choose the right time period for his study.

Computation method

The computation method is already used in Flux post processing outside the mechanical context, it concerns the energy derivative by using the Maxwell tensor.

With this method, the normal force component is computed but not the tangential one.

Computation support

The computation method is applied on a support defined by the Flux entities :

  • Lines / line regions / paths in 2D
  • Faces /surface regions / 2D grid / cut plane in Skew and 3D

The support must necessarily be at the interface of two regions of different permeability (in a motor: stator/air, or rotor/air), and it should not be on the sliding cylinder.