Refining the Mesh Along a Polyline

Define a mesh refinement rule along a specified polyline. Mesh elements in the vicinity of this polyline are refined. Polyline mesh refinement is often used to refine the mesh under a cable, wire or a transmission line.

Figure 1. A plate with no polyline mesh refinement (on the left) and with polyline mesh refinement (to the right). The transparent green sphere is a display setting and indicates the area where the mesh refinement is specified.
  1. On the Mesh tab, in the Refinement rules group, click the  Polyline icon.
  2. Specify the polyline.
    • To specify the corner points manually, specify the corner points in the table.
    • To import the corner points from file, click Import points.
  3. In the Radius field, enter a value for the radius to specify the mesh area that is to be refined.
  4. In the Mesh size field, enter a value for the mesh element length.
  5. Enter a unique label for the point refinement.
  6. Click Create to create the polyline refinement rule and to close the dialog.
    The mesh refinement rule is added to the model tree, on the Configuration tab.

[Optional] Hide the display of mesh rules in the 3D view.

  1. On the 3D View context tab, on the Display options tab, in the Entity display group, click the  Meshing rules icon.