Local Mesh Refinement

A local mesh refinement can be specified on wires / edges, faces and regions to refine the mesh locally.

When a region that has a local mesh size is meshed into tetrahedra, the local mesh size is also applicable to the bounding faces. Likewise, setting a local mesh size on a face also affects the size on the bounding edges. If a finer mesh is specified on an edge of a face, then the triangles of that face will adhere to this length along the specific edge, even though the rest of the face may have much larger mesh sizes.
Note: The local mesh size that takes precedence on an item is always the minimum of all applicable local mesh sizes.

If no local mesh size is specified on an item, the global mesh size1 applies.

A local mesh refinement specified on an entity is indicated by the icon in the details tree.

Figure 1. An example of wire that has a local mesh size specified in the details tree.
1 As specified on the Create mesh dialog.