HyperGraph 3D Panels

The HyperGraph 3D panels allow you to manage, review, and analyze 3-D plots such as waterfall, surface, and 3-D line data.

The following panels are available for plotting 3-D data, and are displayed when you select HyperGraph 3D from the application menu.
Icon Panel Description
Define Curves You can edit individual curves using the Define Curves panel. The curve calculator is located on the Define Curves panel.
Waterfall Use the Waterfall panel to create waterfall plots from XY force response data and input pulses.
Datum Planes Use the Datum Planes panel to insert reference datum planes to plots.
Data Query Use the Data Query panel to vertically cutt surfaces for viewing and plotting non-planer cross sections.
Curve Attributes Use the Curve Attributes panel to define curve attributes, such as line style, color, and weight as well as symbol style, color, and data attributes.
Coordinate Info From the Coordinate Info panel, you can retrieve individual point data on any curve in the active window.
Axes From the Axes panel, you can add axes to curves and modify their attributes.
Notes From the Notes panel, you can add curve annotations to your plots.