Integrated Diagnostics - Study

Perform a Partial sum response study by excluding the contributions from the selected contributors. The list of contributors available depends on the diagnostics done before arriving at the Study tab.

Select the subcase to study from the drop-down menu. Select the necessary RPM subcase for the power train use case and the wheel sub case for the road use case.
Select the response to study.
Frequency range
Indicates the available range, based on your PFMODE.PCH or .f06 file.
% to Exclude
Optional field that allows you to exclude a percentage of the contributors from the response.
Select contributor(s) to:
Select the contributors that you want to exclude in the response study. The list of contributors available depends on the diagnostics done.
  • Click to select the entire list of contributors.
  • Click to deselect your current selections.
  • Click exchange the currently selected contributors for the unselected contributors in the list.
Export Study Data
Exports a *.pch file with modified response after the study.
Display Options
Launches the Display Options dialog, which allows you to further customize the plot.
Displays the response study plot once your selections are complete.

Figure 1. Response study plots